Patrick Languzzi was born in Waltham, Massachusetts to Italian immigrants via Foggia, Italy. He graduated college with a degree in Business and a focus on Quantitative Economics from Framingham State University.

His interest in acting began when he started to receive audition calls from a single Polaroid taken at an open casting for the movie The Town, with Ben Affleck. That photo was later used as a mug shot for scene dressing in the police station scene of The Town.

Patrick was encouraged to take an audition class with renowned LA casting director Paul Weber, while in Boston. (Weber was responsible in part, for casting Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street). After working with Mr. Weber, Patrick was encouraged to pursue what raw ability he displayed.

Since 2014, Patrick has been constantly strengthening his entire skill set as an actor through both class work, stand up comedy, and as a working actor on set. A few notable film roles include Stronger with Jake Gyllenhaal, the award winning Indie, Donald Cried, and Central Intelligence with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. As well, he's enjoyed playing detective Mahon on the Emmy award winning documentary A Crime to Remember on ID Discovery.

Patrick has shared the screen with such names as Jim Belushi, Kevin Hart and Jake Gyllenhaal, and has other projects (to be named at a later date) in production that he is currently working on.

Patrick has been working in the Bio-Tech industry specializing in oncology for Genentech. He is a former professional (PED free) competitive bodybuilder and a two-time National Amateur Bodybuilding Champion, as well as a finalist in both the professional WNBF Natural Mr. Universe and Natural America contests. In addition, Patrick is an accomplished athlete in such sports as baseball, football and skiing.